Software development

We think recreating the Wheel it’s not necessary and not efficient. So we use Low code strategy to accelerate the projects

With our business model we improve time, quality and cost of the IT areas and companies, including easy solutions for the IT areas.

Benefits of a Low Code Strategy
Nearly half of IT projects are late. That’s an astounding figure given that companies are now under more pressure to be agile and quickly respond to changing market conditions. These tools can potentially reduce development time by 90%. These solutions feature pre-built integrations and other tools to reduce the development timeline.

Faster Innovation and Development

Speeding Up Development Cycles

Automation of Manual Processes

Lower Costs

Less Maintenance

Rapid Prototyping

Types of Low Code Platform’s

General Purpose

General purpose low code applications refer fo the plafform being able to build any type of application. This could be a company website, ecommerce site, and so on. The application can be built to serve a wide variety of needs, they can be created quickly, and deployed any where


Database a low code platforms can pull large amounds of data and feed it into a system, saving time on the task, They are restricted to being programmed inside of the system

Request Handling

Less capable than that af process low code platforma but are somewhat simiar, they only handle processing request for fixed processes


These low code platforms tend to focus on applications that run business process. For example, forms, automated workflows and integrations with other SaaS system software. These can be used when looking to automate repetitive time consuming business tasks, as well as helping with digital transformation.

Mobile First

Mobile application development platforms with low code tools help developers code, test and launch apps for smartphones. These low code applications allow mobile apo developers to write code for one system and transfer it to different mobile platforms

Low-Code Development Tech Revenue

Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) 3,473.50 4,448.20 5,751,60
Intelligent Business Process Management Suites 2,509.70 2,694.90 2,891.60
Multiexperience Development Platforms (MDXP) 1,583.50 1,931.00 2,326.90
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 1,184.50 1,686.00 2,187.40
Citizen Automation and Development Platform (CADP) 341.8 438.7 579.5
Other Low-Code Development (LCD) Technologies* 59.6 73.4 87.3
Overall 9,152.60 11,272.20 13,824.200

Chart from Gartner Forecast Worldwide Low-Code Development Technologies Market to Grow 23% in 2021

Our services and speciality Low code projects

Pre – Service


Understanding Business

Definition required capacities

Definition of cells and technological capabilities



Setup project



Definition operation model

Scrum methodologie

Monitoring indicators vs business

Validation value generation

What the Gartner community says

by Kissflow

“Kissflow – A must-have Platform for all Businessess”

Kissflow platform has given me the privilege to transform the way my organization’s business process works. It has tremendously helped in cost saving such that we have been able to automate some of our …

Zoho Creator
by Zoho

“A trully centralised hub for your critical data management, workflow and automation”

This product (Zoho Creator) serves us as a main hub for all our critical data and workflow automation. It is extremely flexible and extendable – we have multiple other 3rd parties connected to it via APIs and all 

Power Apps
by Microsoft

“Power Apps is an amazing tool that accelerates application development.”

The Microsoft Power Platform (and Power Apps Specifically) has been tremendously beneficial to our organization, enabling rapid process automation and iterative development without sacrificing user 

by Bubble

“Don’t know why you would build your own platform from scratch any more!”

Our head of Development is exceptional on the platform, but even non tech users can add value

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients through the execution of our services focused on achieving client success and their goals while offering well-being to all our talent