IT staffing

We know that sometimes your needs are based on being able to strengthen with extended capacity and trained talent, we offer a staff augmentation service with the most demanded roles in the sector.

Our Methodology = Quality and resources

Pre – Service


Understanding Need

Talent Profiling

Evaluate Talents



We presents talent



To accompany Onboarding

Continuos accompaniment

Monitoring Service

Accompaniment Strategy

Do you want to boost your IT Projects?

We offer the best developers around the world! Yeah, around the world. Not just because they are good coders, we teach them how to “Work”. We developed a training program for our developers to be more efficient getting the job DONE. Below are some of the profiles we can offer to your project/company


Full Stack Developers

Backend Developers

Front-End Developers

QA Automation Engineers

Scrum Master / Products Owners


1. Schedule a Meeting

We need to validate your needs for your IT projects.

2. Define profiles

Together define your profiles requirements to boost your search

3. Search and validate your prospect team

Based on define profiles, we search and validate our prospects for you

4. Present our team match

After review your needs we present you person who match your requirement